Education, skills and experience:

  • graduated at Technical University, further experience in development of light and stage technology

  • 1970
  • first exhibition of colour portraits - Prague

  • 1971 - 2005
  • fine art photographs and portraits mostly for music record companies, such as Supraphon and Panton in former Czechoslovakia, LP and CD covers or posters.
  • photos for magazine covers, books and interiors
  • technical photography, especially documentation of architecture, interiors, exhibitions and industrial plants in Czech Republic and Germany
  • finished development of photographic applications in mirrors, then creation of mirror lighting objects in Japan, Austria, Italy and Czech Republic

  • 1997 till now
  • complete manipulation of black-and-white photographic records (first time published in magazine Fotografie Czech Rep., January 1998). The pictures are shot on classic black-and-white negative film, mostly 120 or 135 format. Except for some portrait photographs, no interference with the objects or situation in front of camera lens is present. Only one shot is used for the final image, there is no photomontage composed of more shots. The picures are developed in a darkroom, on paper or canvas with light-sensitive emulsion, using combined processes. Even the author can't accurately repeat the developing method so each image is original. The size of the pictures is mostly 60 x 45 cm to 100 x 140 cm and the materials and development used guarantee longevity of pictures, corresponding to the classic B & W photography.